Old School You was established in 2005 in Sterling, KS. We are located in the middle of Kansas where for the last 20 years I have been a social science teacher. For the first 16 I was an assistant high school football coach.This fall I am returning to the sideline. I earned my BSE and MATfrom Emporia State University. During the school year I serve as adjunct professor at Sterling College and the Staff Teacher for the Kansas Council on Education.

Much like you I desperately wanted to see my old high school football films to relive some of the best times I ever had. With that passion, Old School You was born. We knew we weren't alone in wanting to see our glory days.

Today we feel just as passionate about getting your old game films to you.

We have extensive experience in creating highlight films and transferring home movies (films and videos) for those special events. We also are knowledgeable in what colleges look for in recruiting videos.

Also, be sure to check out our partner Prep Sportswear for your OLD SCHOOL, YOU WEAR.

If you ever have questions or comments feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Brian Richter, Old School You

Old School You Saves Vintage Football Films
Courtesy of Kansas Pregame magazine September 21, 2008
As a long time assistant football coach at Sterling High School, Brian Richter often noticed the boxes of 16mm football game film tucked away in a storage room and realized those precious memories would soon fade and be gone forever.

A few months later Richter started an online business, Old School You OSYOU takes film from high school and small college football teams and places them on DVD for alumni, family, and friends to relive their glory days.

OSYOU's inventory of Sterling College and McPherson College that date back to 1954 with all of their current KCAC opponents. High school games from Sterling, Lyons, Plainville, Norton, Osborne, Perry-Lecompton, Concordia, Louisburg, Washburn Rural, and Alva, Okla., their opponents and many other schools dating back to 1950 are available.

According to Chris Ridley, assistant principal at Washburn Rural High School in Topeka, the best part about Old School You is their commitment to preserve the history of football in Kansas.

"Instead of tossing our history in a corner, or worse, throwing some of it away, it is now accessible to virtually everyone. A by-product is that schools we competed with will also be able to take advantage of this archive and relive some of their past as well," Ridley said.

Being a history teacher only added to Richter's desire to preserve these precious artifacts.

"I really wanted, more than anything, to save those memories from being lost forever. I also realized those memories should be shared and enjoyed by not only former players, but their children and grandchildren," Richter said.

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